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KLR 006

Released May 2005

Of Villages and Spaces
Fie Schouten

Karina Erhard and Fie Schouten have taken Holland's new music scene by storm during the years 2000-2007 with their group, KAIDA. This CD shows why they've been winning prizes throughout Europe, whether playing in small city clubs, at the Darmstadt music festival or in the Concertgebouw. Between the funky grooves from David Lang and the ambient sounds of Salvatore Sciarrino, the music here is haunting, wild, and beautiful, and always impeccably played.

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  1. Border Towns of Central Europe
    (1. Sopron, 2. Znjomo, 3. Gubno)
    Joe Cutler, 2004 8:29
  2. Es war einmal...
    Gualtiero Dazzi, 1985 5:06
  3. All'Aure in Una Lontananza
    Salvatore Sciarrino, 1977 12:21
  4. Press Release
    David Lang, 1991 9:59
  5. Veeg
    Jorrit Dijkstra, 2004 8:04
  6. Lusuolo
    Ernesto Molinari & Philippe Racine, 1985 8:46
  • Karina Erhard flute, piccolo, alto flute
  • Fie Schouten bass clarinet, Bb clarinet