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modern, electronic

KLR 007

Released May 2006

Off Limits
Susanna Borsch

Known as a wolf in sheep's clothing, Susanna Borsch has been captured on this groundbreaking debut CD of recorder and electronics. The result of eight years of research and composer collaboration, off-limits starts simple and dance-like and then immediately plunges into a world of retro electronics, loops, industrial samples, clicks, digital delays, and psychedelic modulations. Last but most, Borsch plays with world class artistry: sometimes beautiful, sometimes ferocious, but always gripping.

  1. Ti-Tse Anonymous (Chin. trad.) 3:05
  2. brat Donnacha Dennehy 5:49
  3. Click & Pitch Toek Numan 7:44
  4. Contour Sohrab Uduman 5:35
  5. Workshop Ned McGowan 12:04
  6. Winter in/m April Merlijn Twaalfhoven 8:23
  7. …again into light: Solo Mike Vaughan 7:11
  8. Maní Eléctrico Keyla Orozco 7:07
  9. Sîrba voor Susanna Gijs Levelt 2:11